Geniuses of Andhra - Vemuri Venkateswara Rao

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This is a recycle from the glorified days of SCIT. I got an EMail from Chy. Nasy
accusing me (:-)) for not including certain highlights of Sri Vemuri's style of
writing and he provided an addendum which I am furnishing at the tail end of
this essay. This is a pre-form before the one appeared in the TANA patrika.
Please bear with my writing style.
>From Tue May  6 13:56:31 1997
Subject: Re: Cheers! Claps! - Telugu Scholar In California Honored!!!

I hope pAlana or someone else would post a list of Prof. Vemuri's published
books, and where we could find them. All I could read were the occasional
articles in the occasional souvenirs.

Congratulations vEmUri gAru. mee vyAsangam mUDu kathalU Aru pustakAlugA
varthillAlani ASistoo.


	       vidya' na'ma narasya roopamadhikam pracCannaguptam dhanam
	       vidya' BOgakarii yaSassuKakarii vidya' gurooNa'm guruhu
	       vidya' bandhujanO vidESagamanE vidya' para' dEvata'
	       vidya' ra'jasu poojyatE nahi dhanam vidya'vihiinaha paSuhu.


	       Occassionally we see a lightning (enlightenment) on the SCIT
       with an EMail address "".  Yes!  I am talking about
       the same Vemuri who is Dr. Vemuri Venkateswara Rao and also Professor
       Vemuri.  To many of us our Vemuri is Isaac Asimov of Andhra in the United
       States of America.

	       Sri Vemuri Venkateswara Rao was born in Chodavaram, Visakhapatnam
       district, Andhra.  His native place is Tuni of East Godavari district.
       He attended the S.R. High School at Tuni and was a student of the Hindu
       College, Machilipatnam (1952).  Sri Vemuri was student of the Govt.
       Engineering College, Kakinada (1954) (Jawaharlal Nehru Technical
       University or JNTU) and obtained his B.E. degree in 1958.  He graduated
       from the University of Detroit, Detroit, MI in 1961 with M.S.. Sri Vemuri
       became Dr. Vemuri after successful completion of his doctoral work at the
       University of California, Los Angeles, California in 1968.  Hoc tempore,
       Dr. Vemuri is a professor of applied science and engineering at the
       University of California, Livermore, California.  His specializations
       (technically speaking) are electrical engineering and computer science.
       His knowledge and expertise are not limited to his specializations and
       dipolomas.  In a nut shell Dr. Vemuri is a true philosopher and
       scientist.  He is a real doctor of philosophy.  One can discuss any
       aspect of any branch of science with him.  He is receptive and every time
       during the discussion, Dr. Vemuri sheds new light on the topic.  On the
       contrary to his expert discussions or opinions, Dr. Vemuri is modest - if
       he does not know, he simply admits that he does not know and in addition
       he requests the answer or possible answer.  There is no discipline of
       sciences he did not touch, study, and write on.  From atom to Zygnema,
       Dr. Vemuri studied, understood, and wrote popular science articles for
       the common man, in both English and Telugu.  His command over Telugu
       language is exceptional.  There is no yardstick awailable to measure his
       depth of understanding of Telugu language and sciences.  Tens of
       thousands of miles away from the Andhra Desa, here in the US, Prof.
       Vemuri is toiling to not only preserve Scientific Writings in Telugu but
       also to nurture them.  He wrote an article in Telugu on computers (called
       kampyooTerlu, published in the Telugu Bhasha Patrika, October 1971,
       volume 1, issue 4).  Even a person who does not know what computers do
       mean and who knows manageable English can easily understand the subject
       matter through Prof. Vemuri's article on computers in Telugu.  One should
       read his book called "jiivarahasyam" in Telugu (aimed at highschool or
       college level students) and should discover this versatile genius.  This
       book explains how life arose out of inanimate matter in simple Telugu.
       Dr. Vemuri never uses pedantic telugu in his scientific writings.  On the
       other hand he has unique stylistic elegance and his Telugu is sweet and
       lucid.  One can notice a very striking feature of Dr. Vemuri - he is a
       specialist among his equals but a generalist among average individuals.
       To mention his academic and profession achievements, he has so far
       published 100 technical papers and 5 technical books in English, such as,
       (1) Modeling of Complex Systems, Academic Press, NY (1978); (2) Digital
       Computer Treatment of Partial Differential Equations (with Walter J.
       Karplus), Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, JN (1981); (3) Artificial
       Neural Networks : Theoretical Concepts, CS Press of IEEE, Los Alamos, CA
       (1989); (4) Artificial Neural Networks : Concepts and Control
       Applications, CS Press of IEEE, Los Alamos, CA (1992); and (5) Artificial
       Neural Networks : Time Series and Forecasting, CS Press of IEEE, Los
       Alamos, CA (1993).  It is unperceivable and unimaginable for an ordinary
       person to think about writing articles on Atherosclerosis for common man
       while the person's academic background is the opposite pole, like
       engineering.  But Dr. Vemuri is accomplished in succeeding in his
       scientific endeavours as well as in popular science writing in both
       Eglish and Telugu.

		In the past it was only possible for the well-known
       botanist, Prof. Jillella Venkatewarulu and famous meteorologist, Prof.
       Varanasi Parvati Subrahmanyam of Andhra University to carry out their
       scientific research and publish scientific writings in both English and
       Telugu.  Now, Prof. Vemuri, is in that list.  While reading Prof.
       Vemuri's scientific writings in Telugu, one will be reminded of
       Vasantarao Venkatarao, Jammi Koneti Rao, and Kodavatiganti Kutumbarao.
       The vacum created after the sudden discontinuation of scientific writing
       publications in Telugu was filled by Dr. Vemuri.  "rasagamdha'ya
       ras'yanam", another book in Telugu written by Dr. Vemuri, is aimed at
       highschool or college level students and this book explains the chemistry
       of household substances like sugars, fats, vitamins, alcohols, etc.
       The greatest achievement of Dr. Vemuri (a result of herculian task and
       indigatiguable tenacity) is his English-Telugu/Telugu-English Technical
       Dictionary for translators, journalists, and science students.  This
       dictionary is a rare jem in Telugu literature.  Dr. Vemuri worked for
       over 20 years to bring out these dictionaries.  These are excellent
       resource materials for writers of scientific writings in both Telugu and
       Engish.  These dictionaries are unforgettable gifts to Telugu people -
       Prof. Vemuri Venkateswara Rao's love, devotion, and dedication towards
       Telugu language and science.  In one of his books, he explained the
       organic nomenclature in Telugu using Telugu equivalents to Latin and
       English words.  This will reveal his mastery over English, Latin,
       Telugu, and Chemistry.  That gives a pleasnt experience while reading his
       book called "jiivarahasyam".  Dr. Vemuri also wrote an article on sugars
       in Telugu called "cakkeralu" which clearly explains the occurrence,
       properities, and uses of all these sugars.  His other essays on popular
       science and Telugu language in Telugu are:

	    1) telugu lipi : a'dhunika avasara'lu. Telugu Bhasha Patrika, Vol.3,
			     No. 2, October 1973.
	    2) Sa'Ka' ha'rama'?  ma'msa' ha'rama'? Bharati, Nov. 1973.
	    3) mana prvara. Telugu Bhasha Patrika, Vol. 4, No. 1, April 1974
			     also in Bharati, Feb. 1974.
	    4) pa'riBa'shika pada'la telugu anuva'da'niki konni salaha'lu.
			     1985, TANA conf. Souvenir
	    5) ma'nava kulam lO musalam. Andhra Patrika - Bharati Anubhandham,
	    6) Alcohol. Bharati, March 1988.
	    7) Uttara a'lkoha'leeyam - August 1988, in rasagamdha'yana
	    8) SukruDi grahaca'ram. 1990. Bharati
	    9) anvEshaNa. Bharati (Reprinted in Telugu Paluku, TANA
			     Souvenir, 1991)
	   10) Black Hole amTE EmiTi. Rachana. 1992. (Reprinted in Chekumuki).

	   11) Monument lEda' niilimamdu kumDiila kadha. vi~na'na patrika,
			     vol. 5, No.2, pp 16-18, April 1975
	   12) SishTavyavaha'rikam. Telugu Jyoti, p. 23, Feb. 1992.
	   13) bimdhusimdhu nya'yam. Telugu Jyoti, p. 55, April 1992.

		     Dr. Vemuri is also a story writer and a science fiction
	   writer especially in Telugu (one can count Telugu science fiction
	   writers on fingers.). The following is a list of stories in Telugu
	   published by Vemuri:

	    1) kadhaka'ni kadha. Andhrapatrika.
	    2) ga'li dOsham. Andhrapatrika, vol. 63, #44
	    3) Bootadda'lu. Andhrapatrika
	    4) brahma'mDam baddalaimdi. Telugu Bhasha Patrika, Vol. 3, 1973.
	    5) dhrmasamstha'pana'rdham. Andhrapatrika, vol. 65, 1972.
	    6) kimcit BOgE Bavishyati. Andhrapatrika, vol. 67, 1974.
	    7) vEmana. Sravya na'Tika. Souvenir of TANA conf.
	    8) kumdEloo, ta'bEloo, madhurava'Ni. Souvenir of 7th TANA conf.,
			    Houston, TX, 1989.
	    9) damtOdamtam. Rachana, Sep. 1993.

		     The following is the list of essays written by Prof. Vemuri
	    in English:

	    1) Really Crazy : Impressions of a foreign student. Campus
			      Detroiter, pp. 4-5, 1962.
	    2) Shoot off your sacrad cows. Campus Detroiter, pp. 11-12.
			      February, 1963.
	    3) Vyasa and his Mahabharata. Souvenir of 5th TANA Conf.
	    4) Telugu Culture and Its Effects On Our Lives In North America
			      TANA Patrika, July 1991. (Prize Winner)
	    5) Sugars. Telugu Jyothi, June 1992.
	    6) Recycle Your Proteins. Telugu Jyothi, August 1992.
	    7) Sleep. Telugu Jyothi, Nov. 1992.
	    8) Oust The Odour.  Science Reporter (CSIR, India), Dec. 1993.
	    9) Gas. Science Reporter (CSIR, India), Dec. 1993.
	   10) Cholesterol : The good villian. Science Reporter (CSIR, India)
			     Jan. 1994. (Reprinted in 4th ATA conf. souvenir).
	   11) Sweet Talk. Science Reporter (CSIR, India), March 1994.

			  Dr. Vemuri gives discourses on radio in San Francisco.
	    His radio lectures cover a wide range of topics form sociology to
	    freedom struggle in India, Hindu festivals, Christmas shopping, and
	    topics like a'Duva'ri ma'Talaku ardha'le vErule.  Art of lecturing
	    in Prof. Vemuri is a bright colorful feather in his cap and that
	    makes him a complete model - a scientist, writer, and speaker.  This
	    is a rare combination seen in general and especially among
	    Andhrites.  Dr. Vemuri has completed several popular science
	    articles in Telugu, many articles on Telugu language, and popular
	    science articles in English.  Some of them have been in publication
	    and some are under communication.

			  Eventhough he lives in the land of Red Indians,
	    Dr. Vemuri still thinks about India and India' progress in Science
	    and Technology. To accomplish his mission he works hard.  He
	    sacrifices intellectual treasure for the land of Indians.  Educating
	    the public is his ambition in addition to his profession i.e.
	    educating students in the class room.  Dr. Vemuri beleives that
	    service to mankind is service to GOD.

			 TELUGU is Prof. Vemuri's hobby.  How modest he is in
			 expressing his hobby!  Even his hobby is for nurturing
			 of Telugu language.

	    Prof. Vemuri says "People have a wrong impression that writings in
	    Telugu consist of only stories and poetry.  I have been waiting to
	    see the disappearance of this wrong impression about Telugu
	    literature among Andhrites.  Telugu language can enter the 21st
	    century only if the modern scientific discoveries and advances and
	    business progress can be written in Telugu".

			  Once again we have another rare opportunity to
	    thank, praise, and respect another GENIUS OF ANDHRA in the NORTH
	    AMERICA - PROF. VEMURI VENKATESWARA RAO.  It is not wise to compare
	    one stalwart with another but it is traditional to say that our
	    The Telugu Community Organizations like TANA and ATA should honor
	    Prof. Vemuri and in turn be honored.

>From Tue May  6 13:56:31 1997

You wrote at the end that 'any omissions may be excused', but I think these
two omissions may not be excused.:-)

1) In addition to all the qualities attributed to him, Prof. Vemuri is a
perfectionist. If you read one article by him, you would understand the
importance of 'mot juste'!

2) His style of telugu (Saili). I really wish professional writers of
telugu fiction possess an iota of his style. Long ago, SreepAda subrahmaNya
SAstri's telugu was praised by many of his peers as 'the one which teaches
language to the masters'. Prof. Vemuri's language comes very close to that.
katha kAni vishayAnni kUDA katha lAgA cebutAru.

PS: I did not update his list of publications.
Someone may add his recent publications.
One can purchase his books directly from him for a very reasonable price.