Re(2): Weekend Thoughts! - Death of a monther Tongue

Sat, 18 May 1996 20:55:43 -0400

Nice Reply.
I have a question.
Why do we need all these currently existing dictionaries?
Why do we need new ones?
Are n't the present day writers already propagating/preserving
the present day languages and their linguistic variations?
Hence, there is no need to refer to Suryarayandhra Nighamtuvu.
Let us remove all those dictionaries from the book shelves.
How many of these writers of a particular mAmDalIkam remeber
or know majority of the vocabulary of the given type?
I would like to see what other telusAers say on this.
A note. A lot of us know how to cook different dishes.
A lot of other dishes known to be classics/arcane have
already disappeared.
Don't we need cook books?
While I was a kid (even now), whenever I have nothing to do,
I read a few pages in a dictionary. That adds to my database.
A dictionary is a mini form encyclopaedia.
Especially, for a language, we need dictionries.
The first thing Gidugu did was bringing out a Savara dictionary.
Did n't it tell us something?
Then probably many of us do not know how much Gidugu Sitapati
had to struggle to give a shape to the Suryarayandhra Nighamtuvu.
Now, we have something good in Telugu language to refer to.
Why do we need Technical dictionaries?
How many of us know the meanings for several thousands of words
Sri Annamyya used in his compositions? Some of them even can not
be found in dictionaries.
Also, in Janapada gEyAs, we don't know meanings for several words in
a given mAmDalIkam. Don't we scratch our heads to find meanings
for those words?
I even don't know 25% of my own mAmdalIkam. I studied it (I mean!
I studied it). I can not trace out meanings for certain words.
A lot of them even are extinct already.
If you say that there is no need for a dictionary for a particular
type of mAmDalIkam and let the writers who write in those styles
propagate the language, let us say we don't need books on grammar.
Let us pick grammar from reading stories and essays. Why all these
books on samdhis and samasAs exist?

Hello! Sanskrit is a foreign language. No doubt. No argument.
Our mother tongue is Telugu. When I pay $12 to buy a book on
"Dictionary of Sanskrit Names", that is a token for my superior

But when I ask for real Telugu Dictionaries of real Telugu
mAmDalIkamulu of our very MOThER TONGUE, that is a kind of
backwater stuff.

Oh! I forgot! It is always good to make fun of those mAmDalkAs
while someone really writes in his/her stories or some one
acts using those dielects.

We all enjoy jAnapada gEyAs and jAnapada nRtyAs. We are adoring
our heritage and we preserve it. But the very basis of those, the
jAnapada mAmDalIkAs, the root words, the sounds are still foreign
to many of us and for that matter to all of us. We don't know the
meanings for several of them. Oh! I forgot. Just like Sanskrit
and English, this jAnapada vocabulary is foreign to us - Hence,
it should elevate our social stature.