Hari Kathaa Kalaanidhi- Veeragandham Venkata Subbarao

sadananda (sada@anvil.nrl.navy.mil)
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 13:17:46 -0400

>Sadananda mentioned in this forum about the presence of Sri veeragandham
>venkaTa subbArAvu bhAgavatAr. Yesterday I attended a harikathA kAlakshEpam
>at Sadananda's house, sans the said Sadananda. I am told he was off to
>Boston, on the kingly business.
>There were about twenty five people in the audience. vinjamUri subhAsh and
>Daniel Prabhakar provided violin and percussion accompaniment. The story
>was gajEndra mOksham. A good time was had by all present. VVSR is from the
>old school, with a good command of song, poem, humour (topical sometimes,
>with a nice zing to them, re: LP); good voice, singing style, ... I am told
>that he is running a school for budding artists in the field, that there
>are some other schools doing the same (surprising and gratifying). Last
>year he organized a harikathA-saptAham, with state-level competitions (in
>Guntur, in the last week of July, 1996). From the brochure I see
>competitions in the morning, discussions in the afternoon, competitions
>again, narration by an invited artist, some lectures/speeches, then two
>more harikathas by invited artists, and then some cultural items (such as
>burra katha, drama).
>Ramakrishna "AdibhaTlA, ceLLapiLLA, viSwanAthA, Eri nEDU!" Pillalamarri

After returning from the so-called kingly business, I found that I missed a
very good Harikatha.

Sri Veeragandham Subbarao will be here for cuple of months and is currently
staying with us and is planning to attend the TANA meeting.  Here are the
list of the topics he can give Harikathas.

1. Gajendra Moksham
2. Mahakavi kaalidaasu
3. yogi vemana
4. sreemad bhagavad geeta
5. bhakta chandrahaasa
6. satyaharichandra
7. hanumaan paataala vijayam
8. shivaliila
9. shreevaasavi kanyakaaparameswari
10. tyaagarajasvaami cheritra
11. bhakta sudhanva.

In addition he says he can give harikatha selecting varities of Bharatam
Stories - essentially sampuurNa bhaaratam.
He can be contacted at my house. (703)451-5909 or at my e-mial address.
Those who have heard his Harikatha - felt that it was a treat.

Hari Om!