Easy Telugu Software.

Srinivas Sirigina (SrinivasS@prevuenet.com)
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 16:05:47 -0500

You guys are correct. So many programmers, yet no way to write in 
So I have written a 32-bit windows application called 'TeluguLipi 
Editor', with my own fonts who are also called 'TeluguLipi'.  Using 
this program you can write in RIT format and as you type it will 
automatically transliterate it to Telugu.  You can format, print, save 
in English or  Telugu, save as HTML, or as bitmap.  Also, if you know 
a site's URL that has text written in RIT format, you can view it in 
Telugu by providing the URL.  This application and fonts are 
shareware, you can try them by downloading from our web site 
http://www.galstar.com/~spiff and follow download link.

You can see some examples of the result of TeluguLipi, or if visit us 
through 32 bit windows and Internet explorer 3.0 or better, you can 
test drive 'TeluguLipi' on the internet by going to 'TeluguLipi 
ActiveX' page.

Srinivas Sirigina