re: amaravati kathalu

Prasad Tata (Prasadt@OTSUKA.OAPI.COM)
Fri, 05 Jan 1996 17:43:17 -0500

Thanks Dr. Jamapala for the nice account of Amaravathi Kathalu

One story that I clearly remember about the thoughts of an old archak
(needless to say poor) in a small temple on a rainy day how the activity
in the temple integrated with his life. This story always haunts me
whenever I visit a less popular or less crowded temples which or either
deteriorating or declining phase(sidhilavastha). The gross comparision is
between the activity of temples in Tirupati( one on the eguva tirupati with
diguva tirupati). Ee kathallo silpame aa kathalaku pranam.

With regards,

Prasad Tata