on RIT

Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri (pkrishna@ARL.MIL)
Mon, 30 Oct 95 18:09:01 EST

Before that, Kanneganti Ramarao is not yet in this group. And so is
(is not) Ananda Kishore.

An introductory message that went to about 40 people from me bounced
back from a handful of people and KRR is one of them. I notice that
a few others said that their mails to KRR are bouncing. If someone
has been successful in communicating with im, would they inform him
of this group.

I just came to know about a new address (at IBM) for Ananda Kishore.
I will inform him.

Is there a general problem with AT&T people? I mean, not with the people,
but communicating with them! Mails to Yashodhar Punati, and Ravi Pattisam
both at AT&T in Allentown bounced back. Any scoop from AT&T-er Juvvadi?

I see, no make it I know, that a handful of people in this group have
difficulty with reading telugu stuff in RIT. Would someone (again, Juvvadi)
write a very short note on RIT-scheme? I did this sometime ago, but
apparently that has not been motivating enough. It is almost a parallel
to the wRITer's block syndrome.

I wrote in SCIT on and off, as occasion demanded, on chandassu. Recently
I have had requests on that matter. Is this a matter of general
interest? Otherwise I will just answer those two people off-group.

Funny, chandas is looked at as some 'sakeLLu', which suffocate
people and thought. In his preface to geeta gOvinda kAvyamu, dASarathi
quotes a SlOka from nATya SAstra, which says:

chanda heenO na Sabdanti, na chandah Sabda varjitah

meaning, there is no word that doesn't have chandas, and there is no
chandas without words! (substitute 'sound' for word)