On Verification of chandassu

Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri (pkrishna@ARL.MIL)
Sat, 18 Nov 95 8:20:14 EST

saw a couple of typos, needed clarifications, in my previous mail on this.

In the PS segment, the disallowed "UUIUUUUI" causes the overlap between
6th and 7th mAtra, because of the 4th syllable being a guruvu, not
the 4th mAtra. A laghuvu being considered one mAtra, and a guruvu as
two mAtras.

Dr. Sampatkumara also said that the meter for mutyAla sarAlu is only
popularized by gurajADa, not created by him. It belongs to a family
of dESi meters, called "ragaDa"s. The structure is:

three lines of 14 mAtras followed by a line of 9 mAtras
(I have seen some of all four lines of 14 mAtras)
The structure for each line is,

takiTa-takataka, takiTa-takataka

where takiTa can be III, UI (dhinta), or IU (tadhim), and
takataka can be IIII, UII (dhimtaka), IIU (takajham), but
not IUI (tadhinta)
The last (when short) line is takiTa-takataka-tai
with the same rules, but always a guruvu as the last syllable.

Let me conclude by a popular lament in this verse.

endukee chandAla bAdhalu!
oorikE pani lEni vALLaki,
bAnDu wiDtunu kharcu peDatam
kAka pOtEnU?

BTW, viSwanAtha's "kOkilamma peLLi" is in this verse.


PS: I would dearly love if a "novice" in chandassu follows these carefully
and lets me know where I might have inadvertently made an error, or
didn't explain something properly, or where there is an inconsistency.