Your Browser As a Telugu Editor!

m{=Q{p{N{ turns your web browser (Netscape/MSIE 4.0+) into a Telugu Editor using Client-side Javascript and Java along with Font Embedding Technology. No software or font installation is required if you use it on-line.

All processing is done on the client side, and that gives you the option of working off-line if you have a slow link. Even for those with a fast link, client-side processing means that one does not have to wait for the remote server to process your text and reply.

If you cannot see #raMgavallika# written in telugu at the top if this page, read the Troubleshooting Guide. This page works best on Netscape 4.0+. It does work on MSIE 4.0+ but the experience is so much poorer. If you have access to both, use the former to access this page.


When you click on the "Convert to Telugu" button below, all text enclosed in a pair of hashes (#) will be converted to telugu using the Rice Transliteration Scheme (RTS). Text outside the hashes is reproduced as is.

Please wait for the applet to load completely into your browser before clicking on the "Convert to Telugu" button below. The browser's status bar will display something like "Applet rangavalli running" once it is done loading the applet.

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Copyright (C) 1999-2000 Prasad A. Chodavarapu

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

How to make it work offline?

As all processing by m{=Q{p{N{ is done on the client side (i.e on your computer), you can use your browser to edit telugu text even when your computer is not connected to the internet. All you need to do is
  1. Download and Install tikkana fonts.
  2. Save the following files in any directory on your computer.
    1. webeditor.html
    2. Rangavalli-1.2.jar (105923 bytes)
    3. RangavalliApplet.class (645 bytes)
To use m{=Q{p{N{ off-line, open the saved webeditor.html file in your web browser.


Some versions of netscape seem to have a buggy java interpreter. e.g. it doesn't work offline on my home machine but it does work from my work machine. IE doesn't seem to have a problem.

Make sure:

Tips on Mailing

To mail your text as You can choose to add viewing instructions to the mail message in both the cases, by checking the appropriate box above.

Tips on Saving Generated Telugu Pages

Related Links

See World:Telugu:kaMpyUTarlu section of the Open Directory Project for related links.

Rice Transliteration Scheme (RTS)

RTS provides a simple intuitive way of scribing telugu using the roman script. The original RTS specification is at http://eemaata.lekha.org/rts.html. m{=Q{p{N{ uses a slightly modified version of the original RTS specification.

Main differences are:

  1. sunna('o') can only be obtained using 'M". e.g. gaaMdhi would work, gaandhi wouldn't.
  2. 'x' does not map to 'ksh'
  3. No telugu digits
If you are new to RTS, here is a simple primer. Before starting, understand that Since there is more than one way, different styles of RTS have evolved over time. The one being presented here is noted for extensive mixing of lower case and upper case letters. Beginners don't like it because their eyes aren't used to seeing capital letters in the middle of words. On the other hand, this saves a lot of typing and if you comprehend the following four rules, makes complete sense.

Four rules of capitalization:

  1. Use capitals for dIrghAlu, e.g. ka, kA, ki, kI, ku, kU
  2. Use capitals for stress e.g. anuBavamu is the same as anubhavamu
  3. Use capitals to distinguish Ta (as in ciTa paTa) vargamu from ta (as in mamata) vargamu. So, it is Ta Tha Da Dha Na before ta tha da dha na
  4. Use capitals for the less used variant of the same letter. e.g. melika Sa (as in SarIramu) to distinguish from sa (as in saMgItamu).
Most beginners seem to have trouble when transliterating B. RTS uses 'i' rather than 'e' for this. e.g. ikkaDa ( BN{\{ ) and ekkaDa ( HN{\{ ).

Finally, here is one way of writing telugu alphabet using RTS.
a A i I u U R Ru e E ai o O au aM a@h @ A B C D E F F| H I J K L M @= @>
ka Ka ga Ga ~ma N{ O Q{ zR S
ca ~ca Ca ja ~ja Ja ~na T{ :T{ U{ V :V m{X Y
Ta Tha Da Dha Na Z [{ \{ ]{ ^
ta tha da dha na _{ a{ b{ c{ d{
pa Pa ba Ba ma ze zg i k{ p{
ya ra la va Sa sha sa ha La ksha ~ra l{ m{ n p{ q{ zr zt zv w{ x{ y

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